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We design each of our plans
to conform to CABO One and Two Family, which is compiled from BOCA, SBCCI, and UBC Building Codes. Our plans meet or exceed national building codes.

Some states, counties, and municipalities have their own codes, zoning requirements, and building regulations. Modifications may be necessary to meet local building codes.

After you receive your plans, you should consult your local builder, architect, engineer or other construction professional to review your plans before actual construction begins.

We can not be responsible for the advice or assistance you receive from them or for methods that they use. The owner and contractor assume the responsibility to meet all local codes.

The following links offer additional information about building codes:

CABO -Since 1972, the Council of American Building Officials (CABO) has served as the umbrella organization for BOCA, ICBO, and SBCCI. In November 1997, it was agreed to incorporate CABO into the ICC, to provide a single, clear focused voice and would be a significantly more effective and efficient use of time, resources, and influence.

BOCA - Founded in 1915, Building Officials and Code Administrators International, Inc (BOCA) is the original professional association representing the full spectrum of code enforcement disciplines and construction industry interests. They are the premier publishers of model codes.

SBCCI - The Southern Building Code Congress International's (SBCCI) primary mission since 1940 has been to develop and maintain a set of model building codes for use by local jurisdictions. Since 1994, SBCCI has been a partner with BOCA and ICBO in the International Code Council which publishes the International Codes. These documents are intended to be adopted by reference as local and state laws governing construction.

ICBO - The International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) has been the leading source of building and related construction codes for more than 75 years. Our association prides itself on providing excellent products and services to ensure the public's safety.

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